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Clean air from central Netherlands

This is Vink Systemen

Working in clean air. Produce in an optimal climate. Vink Systemen designsdeliversinstalls and onmaintains your critical air infrastructure customized. A reliable partner in many markets for 50 years.

From our own production facility Vink Products in Katwijk we supply air ducts and air technology components for your project. This is how we ensure volume and flexibility throughout the process. Expertly executed and with the least possible impact on your operations, the infrastructure is installed. Assisting with preventive maintenance keeps your air climate in top condition.

In short.... We provide air.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Vink Systemen opts for CSR

We take responsibility for considering the effects on people, the environment and society in our business operations.

In all decisions surrounding our daily processes, we make the choices that are best for our environment. Themes in which we are active:

  •        Energy Savings 
  •        Safety and health 
  •        Waste Reduction 
  •        CO2 footprint 
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Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Our BIM modelers provide optimization and digitization of the construction process. Because the entire De Vink Groep works with the same BIM information, the production process of Vink Products is also connected to this for fast and integrated production.

All parties involved in the construction process work with the same information and thus see from each other what is happening. Therefore, the information is continuously available and always current. Within Vink Systemen we have several BIM modelers who ensure that the digital information is optimally used, processed and stored again. Because the entire Vink Groep works with the same BIM information, Vink Products' production process is also connected to it for fast and integrated production.

BIM Library

For modeling air ducts in BIM, the Dutch Association of Air Duct Manufacturers (LUKA) has provided a BIM library for rectangular and circular ductwork for uniform product requirements in each project. Vink Systemen "bims" with Revit from Autodesk.

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Since 1961

The first ductwork was made by our founder Ed Vink around 1961 in the forge in Katwijk, which started as E.A. Vink Luchtkanalen. Today, Vink Systemen is a complete provider of projects in air technical installations.

Read our entire history on the Vink Groep website now!

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Commercial director

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Commercieel manager

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I. (Inge) van Egmond
Sales Support

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Project manager

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Human Resources & Organization

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HR Manager

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