Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is the solution where all relevant information during the entire building process is stored, used and managed in a digital (3D) building model. All parties involved in the building process work with the same information; therefore everyone can see what the others are doing. This information is available at all times and is always up to date.

BIM library

For air duct modelling in BIM, the Dutch association of air duct manufacturers (LUKA) has provided a BIM library for rectangular and round duct work. By using these LUKA components for your projects, all duct components, including elbows, reducers and junctions, etc. are provided with important specifications (parameters) for a qualified LUKA ventilation system. The product requirements specified in the LUKA handbook include standards for sizing, airtightness, plate thickness and material quality for both ducts and flange connectors as well as for attachments. Vink Systemen ‘BIMS’ with Revit by Autodesk.

Download the LUKA BIM library