From design to implementation

An optimally functioning critical air infrastructure 

Vink Systemen has the knowledge, skill and experience to advise you in the design process on efficient air duct layout and an optimal air distribution system.

We work out the aerial design for you and perform all or part of the engineering of the air duct system. With state-of-the-art software, we draw all processes 3D and incorporate it into BIM models. 

Always reliable

Production and delivery

The production and supply of air ducts and air technology components is with our sister company Vink Products completely in-house.

With smart logistics solutions, such as our lifting roll containers, for example, deliveries are made at any time and to the right place.

Curious about our products? Take a look at the assortment at Vink Products.

With the experienced construction department of Vink Products, we supply all required special components and structures for our projects. Everything from our own factory. 

Turn key

From design, production to installation

In addition to manufacturing our air ducts and air technology components, Vink Systemen also provides complete installation of your project.

The project team, managed by an experienced project manager, ensures that work proceeds as scheduled. Throughout the Netherlands, our professionals install air technology infrastructure.

The work is performed in accordance with LUKA and tested for airtightness to ensure the quality of the air transport system. Safety is an integral part of our operations. Vink Systemen is one of the largest members of the LUKA industry association and VCA** certified.

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Safeguard and extend life of air system

Sustainably maintained

Air quality falls and stands with the quality of your air ducts. Maintenance is therefore of great importance. 

This ensures and extends the life of the air system. Vink Systemen provides:

  • Inspection and cleaning of air ducts
  • Various measurements of air quality
  • Channel system modifications.
  • Replacement or intermediate air technology components.


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