Crucell Leiden

Crucell is a biotechnology company in Leiden and Vink Systemen was commissioned by Dornan Engineering Ltd to supply and install the aerodynamic equipment for the Crucell ultra-modern vaccine production facility. Crucell develops, produces and sells vaccines and antibodies worldwide to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Project information

  • Project name: Crucell Project
  • City: Leiden
  • Market segment: Industry
  • Client: Dornan Engineering Ltd
  • Delivery: 1st quarter of 2016


  • 1,500 m² rectangular galvanised duct work
  • 1,300 m¹ round galvanised duct work ≤ 315 mm
  • 2,100 m² round galvanised duct work > 315 mm
  • 1,000 m¹/m² round RVS 304 stainless steel duct work
  • 5,200 m² thermal insulation  
  • 3 each RVS 316 stainless steel exhaust covers (produced by Vink Products)
  • 2 each deflector covers (produced by Vink Products)
  • Install grates, dampers, fans and filter boxes, etc.

Special remarks

  • Building and machinery designed in BIM
  • Ventilation system tested at 100% LUKA air density class C
  • LUKA purity class H