Tripolis Park Amsterdam

On behalf of Bosman Bedrijven Vink Systemen will provide the complete air-handling installation for the Tripolis Park project. During this project, the monumental buildings of Aldo van Eck are revived. In addition, these buildings will be partially covered with a large glass façade.

The glass facade will provide a completely new office building. This facade provides a connection between the old and new part of the Tripolis Park and will make way for more than 30,000 square meters of additional office space. In addition, the glass facade will serve as a sound barrier against the noise of the nearby motorway. This should create an impressive image and ensure a modern look for the Tripolis Park.

Since the current towers have a monumental status, this makes it a challenging project. The three old buildings will be renovated, and the existing installations will be replaced by new installations. Where Van Eck's design must be respected. This means that the requirements during the project are very high. However, we have every confidence that together with our partners we can meet these requirements and deliver a good result

The work of Vink Systemen on this project will start in the second quarter of 2020, and completion of the project is expected in early 2022.

Project information

  • Project name: Tripolis Park
  • Location: Amsterdam Zuidas
  • Market segment: offices complex
  • Initiator: Bosman bedrijven

Indication figures

  • 10.000 m² Rectangular galvanized ductwork
  • 2.500 m1 Circular spiral seamed ductwork
  • 10.000 m² insulated ductwork
  • 650 m² internally treated ductwork