Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods Gorinchem

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods is an independent, Dutch dairy producer and their employees are very passionate and enthusiastic in their work to produce high quality milk powders. Many millions of people all over the world enjoy their quality products each day. What’s more, Vreugdenhil has evolved into one of the largest suppliers of high quality milk powders and dairy ingredients for the food industry in the world.

New production facility in Gorinchem

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods is building a new production facility next to its existing facility in Gorinchem. Vink Systemen supplied and installed all the air ducts, insulation and aerodynamic components. View the developments building.

Project information

  • Project name: Vreugdenhill
  • City: Gorinchem
  • Market segment: Industry & Offshore
  • Client: Cofely West Nederland BV
  • Advisor: Basic Design Gebouwinstallaties 
  • Delivery: August 2015


  • 2.000 m² rectangular galvanised duct work
  • 2.600 m² round galvanised duct work > 315
  • 125 m² RVS 304 stainless steel rectangular welded duct work 2 mm
  • 325 m² RVS 304 stainless steel round welded duct work 1.5 mm
  • 2,100 m² thermal insulation
  • 400 m² vapour tight insulation
  • 1,000 m² thermal insulation with stucco plating
  • 530 m² vapour tight insulation with added thermal insulation and finished with RVS 304 stainless steel stucco plating
  • Mounted fire dampers and grates, etc.

Special remarks

  • Air ducts in the production areas finished with stainless steel and aluminium plating 
  • Working at high elevations.