How do we make sure that your air distribution system is working optimally? Vink Systemen has the knowledge and the experience to advise you during the design phase to ensure an efficient layout of the air ducts. We can further define the technical design for you or we can handle all the engineering work for the air duct system. We also stay up to date when it comes to technical drawings; 3D drawings and converting BIM models to our CAD systems is not unknown territory to us.


The production and delivery of air ducts and technical aerodynamic components is handled by our sister company Vink Products. Therefore, all aspects of the project fall under our own management. Products are delivered to the right place and at the desired time thanks to our smart logistics solutions.

A selection from the Vink Products product line:

  •   Rectangular air ducts
  •   Round air ducts
  •   Oval air ducts
  •   Roof cowls
  •   Outdoor grates
  •   Noise dampers
  •   Plenums
  •   Filter boxes
  •   Grated flooring 


Besides producing air ducts and aerodynamic components, Vink Systemen also manages the full installation work for your project. The project team, led by a project coordinator, makes sure that the work takes place according to plan. Our qualified technicians install the aerodynamic infrastructure. The work is carried out in accordance with LUKA and is tested to ensure everything is airtight to guarantee the quality of the air transport system. Safety is an integral part of our business operations. Vink Systemen is VCA** certified.


The quality of your air depends on the quality of your air ducts. Therefore, maintenance is a key component. It guarantees and extends the lifetime of your air duct system. We can assist you with the following work:

  •   Inspect and clean air ducts
  •   Make adjustments to the duct system
  •   Replace or add aerodynamic components.

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